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The Poem

Textbook of Americanism by Ayn Rand

Two Kinds of Ideological Paranoia

The Three Categories of Human Activity

Left-Wing Brain

Right-Wing Brain

(Or, Beware the Regulatory-Industrial Complex)

Heroine of the Mind:  Hypatia of Alexandria (ca. 415 A.D.) by Sam Wells

The Martyrdom of Hypatia (or The Death of the Classical World)
by Mangasar Magurditch Mangasarian

Hypatia of Alexandria -- Ockham's Razor broadcast

Lady Godiva of Coventry (1057 A.D.), Early Tax Protestor

The "Levellers":  Libertarian Radicalism and the English Civil War by David Hoile

Why Frederic Bastiat is My Hero by Bob McTeer, Chairman of the Federal Reserve of Dallas

Ludwig von Mises Supported Laissez Faire Against Anarchism

Ayn Rand Favored Laissez-Faire Capitalism and Opposed Anarchism

Bastiat Supported the Proper Functions of Government and Opposed Anarchism

Milton Friedman Considered the vision of "anarcho-capitalism" as a Floating Abstraction not anchored in Reality

Anarcho-Statism:  A False Alternative
On the statist aspects of pseudo-anarchism

Gary Allen -- Setting the Record Straight by Sam Wells

General Rules of Ideological Warfare