Gary Allen:  Setting the Record Straight
by Sam Wells

As we approach the fortieth anniversary of the publication of Gary Allen's phenomenal book None Dare Call It Conspiracy. it is perhaps an appropriate time to deal with certain myths, fallacies, and rumors that have been linked to his life and works.

Frederick Gary Allen was a genuine American patriot and foe of the statist clique and its agenda of subordinating U.S. sovereignty to a global socialist tyranny.  Although he was generally a genial and courteous gentleman, it is a fact that Gary could also sometimes be a bit cantankerous, especially in his last few years when he was suffering from diabetic neuropathy and neurovascular disorder.  To some he seemed somewhat brusk and he made a few enemies -- though his friends and admirers far outnumbered those few who were his detractors in the pro-freedom cause.

A few individuals, some perhaps with an ax to grind against Gary for one reason or another, have alleged that I was Gary's "ghost writer" and that he did not write his articles or books.  Of course, this is a huge exaggeration at best.  I served as Gary's research assistant and helped with article development, in some cases going so far as to suggest phraseology and approach to certain aspects of a subject -- but Gary always had control over every single word of content and always had the last word on article format and wording.  (I say "last word" but the person who really had "the last word" of course was editor Scott Stanley, Jr., the terrific editor of American Opinion magazine, the premier monthly of American conservatism and the most under-rated magazine of its time.)

During the last several months of his life -- when his health was failing from severe diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, neurovascular breakdown, and related disorders -- my role in assisting Gary prepare some AO articles certainly increased but, again, exact wording and content were always his in the final drafts.

Another misconception that I have encountered is that Gary was allegedly inspired to write None Dare Call It Conspiracy by one single book or one single author.  That was not the case.  Although I do believe that the 1969 "Proofs of a Conspiracy" presentation in Los Angeles by Dr. Stuart Crane made an impression on him, he had already been familiar with many other influences and sources relating to power elite theory and socialist conspiracies including the works of Robert Welch, John Stormer, Dan Smoot, Carroll Quigley, Rene Wormser, John Robison, Ludwig von Mises, Garet Garrett, Cleon Skousen, Major George Racey Jordan, Rose Martin, Antony Sutton, John T. Flynn, J. Edgar Hoover, and many others.

What caused Gary Allen to embark on his quest for the truth about corporate socialist elites and power politics and their relationship to communist agendas?  Who was the "prime mover" that pointed him in the right direction?  In his article entitled "The Press:  How the Left Turned Me Right" (originally published in American Opinion magazine and later made available as an article reprint) Gary explained how a neighbor friend, John O. Miller, challenged him to read several books about communist subversion.  Miller, who was a veteran anticommunist and conservative patriot who had monitored communist activity in southern California for many years, challenged Gary to read and evaluate several books on communist subversion including Major Jordan's Diaries by George Racey Jordan, I Saw Poland Betrayed by Arthur Bliss Lane, While You Slept by John T. Flynn, and Seeds of Treason by Ralph de Toledano.  Gary read the books with the goal of trying to disprove them, which he thought would be easy to demonstrate to be "extremist" right-wing exaggeration.  Failing to find anything except left-wing rhetorical smears or plain silence by the establishment press and finding instead a body of evidence to support the points made by these various authors, Gary had the intellectual honesty to concede that the case for communist subversion in the U.S. Government and "liberal" complicity was sound.  He began to discover the truth that the limited constitutional system of government that the U.S. founders had established and the freedoms taken for granted by most Americans were being threatened by a left-wing mindset and propaganda war funded from the top by extremely wealthy power-hungry individuals.

His books exposed the game of how government interventionism and socialism (the ultimate in political control freakdom) were used by power elites to obtain and maintain special privileges and monopolistic advantages they could not have achieved in a free market economy.  He showed how socialism is "the royal road to power for the super-rich."  (And people wonder why multibillionaires like George Soros support Big Government socialist causes!)  Gary knew that the remedy was not more government meddling in the economy, but less.  Gary brought a non-populist, individualist/pro-free market perspective to power elites analysis and made it palatable to a mass readership.

Although he actually made little or no money from it, his book None Dare Call It Conspiracy sold in the millions and became the best single recruiting tool that the John Birch Society ever had.  It should be pointed out that NDCC was not Gary's first book.  He had already written and published three others:

Communist Revolution in the Streets, Western Islands, 1967
Nixon's Palace Guard, Western Islands, Western Islands, 1971
Richard Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask, Western Islands, 1971

He had also been writing articles on similar and related topics for American Opinion magazine for several years -- long before NDCC.  And it should also be pointed out that after None Dare Gary also wrote and had published several other books:

Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter, '76 Press, 1976
Kissinger: The Secret Side of the Secretary of State, 76 Press, 1976
The Rockefeller File, '76 Press, 1976
Tax Target, Washington, '76 Press, 1978
Ted Kennedy: In Over His Head, '76 Press, 1981
Say "No!" to the New World Order, Concord Press, 1987 (published posthumously)

I did not come to work with Gary until February of 1980.  I feel honored to have worked with one of the champions of justice and liberty against statist "liberalism" and socialism.  There is no doubt in my mind that Gary Allen was responsible for waking up millions of American to the threat to their traditions and liberties from left-wing elitists and power freaks who desperately want to play god with other peoples' lives.  Although his near-prophetic warnings against what is now occurring to our country have gone unheeded by too many Americans -- as evidenced by the Obama regime now in power -- if understood and taken seriously by a sufficient number of good people, even this calamity can be stopped and turned around eventually so that the United States can once again move in the direction of a constitutional republic and away from the stifling trap of socialism.